Yolanda Smith, Master Cosmetologist

Yolanda Smith, a Georgia native, has been a stylist for over 19 years. She was introduced to the industry during her toddler years. Her father was a Master Barber and she can remember many days of sitting at his side watching him cut hair. This gift and passion for hair care was passed on to her. Yolanda developed a keen interest, desire, and talent in cutting techniques. She loves to cut and design styles. Still, Yolanda feels that education, healthy hair care, and innovative coloring techniques are essential in her platform work and daily styling experiences. Many of the techniques she incorporates into her daily styling are derived from her creativity and the education she has received from countless instructors. Yolanda’s work has been published in Black Hair, Upscale, and Hype Hair magazine and a few more to name. Yolanda’s background and experiences have enabled her to learn and cultivate her styling techniques daily. Styling is not Yolanda’s only passion. She also enjoys sewing and fashion – and we all know that hair and fashion go hand in hand. In 2006, Yolanda was given her first platform opportunity with Luster Products. She was overjoyed with the opportunity to express her passion and creativity as a stylish and motivator. Later, Yolanda continued to hone her skills and had the opportunity to become a member of the Salon Exclusive Artistic Design Team. Today, she is an Educator for Dudley’s Q which has been a lifelong dream of hers.

This exciting opportunity allows her to continue to add to her understanding of hair care. In a short period, Yolanda has gained notable experience from the team through training and seminars, in which she is currently the Artistic Director of the team. Outside of hair and fashion, Yolanda’s aspirations include that of a non-profit charity organization for unfortunate teen girls interested in pursuing a career in hair care or fashion design. She desires to be an inspiration and motivation to all she meets, especially young women who yearn to have a positive role model. Yolanda has had many, many of her dreams to come true…from becoming an established stylist to owning and operating her own hair salon – Mocha: The Hair Studio. She believes that with hard work and perseverance, blessings will come. Therefore she desires to pass these words, beliefs, and dreams on to others. As Yolanda continues through life, she will continue to dream, educate, learn from, and appreciate her life experiences. She will take it one day at a time in her efforts to become a renowned stylist and inspiration to many and not just a few!